Anti static slippers are footwear designed to prevent the buildup of static electricity on a person’s body and help dissipate any static charge safely. These slippers are commonly used in environments where electrostatic discharge (ESD) can be a concern, such as in electronics manufacturing, cleanrooms, and laboratories. The primary purpose of anti-static slippers is to protect sensitive electronic components and equipment from damage that can be caused by static electricity.

anti static slippers

The feature of anti static slippers:
1.Anti-static Finger Protection Slipper
The sole is made of SPU material , which is portable and comfortablpollution-free , with stable anti-static performance and low dust emission;
2.Professional designA different feeling
The shoes is Integrated Molding,made of SPU material,which is light and comfortable to wear Wear-resistant , no deformation,durable Use,easy to clean,stable anti-static performance,dust Low volume;
3.All aspects of the package edge
all aspects of the package edgplus six air holes,while protecting the finger do not lose cool comfort;
4.Internal anti-skid design
Through many experiments,carefully designed beautiful and comfortable anti-skid texture;
5.Thicken sole anti-skid design
Always for the safety of customers,deeper anti-skid texture,anti-skid more outstanding
6.Massage pad design
Built-in soft massage hemispheric design,play acertain anti-fatigue effect,have spirit,life is more wonderful;
7.Effective anti-static
In strict accordance with the national standard production of each pair of antistatic slippers,resistance of 10e6-10e9Ω, effective discharge static charges.

It’s important to note that anti-static slippers are just one component of a comprehensive ESD protection program, which may also include anti-static clothing, wrist straps, and workstations designed to minimize the risk of electrostatic discharge. Proper training and adherence to ESD safety protocols are essential when working in environments where static electricity can cause problems.

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