ESD personnel products are specialized equipment designed to protect workers and technicians from electrostatic discharge (ESD) while handling sensitive electronic components. Here are some common examples of ESD personnel products:

  1. ESD Fabric: ESD fabric refers to specially designed fabric that is used to create static dissipative surfaces. It helps in preventing the buildup and discharge of static electricity, which can be damaging to sensitive electronic components. ESD fabric is commonly used in manufacturing and handling environments where electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection is required.
  2. ESD Garments: ESD garments are clothing items made from ESD fabric that provide protection against electrostatic discharge. These garments are designed to dissipate static electricity and prevent its accumulation on the person wearing them. ESD garments include jackets, coats, smocks, and coveralls, and are commonly worn by personnel working in ESD-sensitive areas or in electronic manufacturing facilities.
  3. ESD Caps: ESD caps are headgear made from ESD fabric that are worn to prevent the buildup of static electricity on the hair and scalp. They are commonly used in environments where electrostatic discharge can damage sensitive electronic components. ESD caps help to reduce the risk of electrostatic discharge by providing a controlled path for static electricity to dissipate.
  4. ESD Gloves: ESD gloves are specialized gloves made from materials with static dissipative properties. They are worn to protect both the wearer and the sensitive electronic components from the effects of static electricity. ESD gloves are commonly used in industries such as electronics manufacturing, semiconductor assembly, and pharmaceutical manufacturing, where ESD protection is crucial.
  5. ESD Finger Cots: ESD finger cots are protective coverings designed to be worn on individual fingers. They are typically made from ESD-safe materials and are used to prevent direct contact between the fingers and sensitive electronic components. ESD finger cots are commonly used in applications where manual dexterity is required, such as in cleanrooms or during electronic assembly and repair.
  6. ESD Shoes & Slippers: ESD shoes and slippers are footwear designed to dissipate static electricity and minimize the risk of electrostatic discharge. They are made from ESD materials and feature conductive or dissipative soles that provide a path for static electricity to flow safely to the ground. ESD shoes and slippers are commonly worn by personnel working in ESD-sensitive areas to prevent damage to electronic equipment.
  7. ESD Wrist Straps: ESD wrist straps are worn around the wrist to provide a grounding path for static electricity. They are used to prevent the buildup of static charge on a person’s body and ensure that any static electricity is safely discharged to a ground source. ESD wrist straps are commonly used in electronic assembly, repair, and handling tasks to protect sensitive components from electrostatic discharge.
  8. ESD Foot Grounders: ESD foot grounders are devices worn on the feet that provide a controlled path for static electricity to flow to the ground. They typically consist of a conductive strap or band that wraps around the shoe and makes contact with the wearer’s skin. ESD foot grounders are commonly used in conjunction with ESD shoes to provide additional protection against electrostatic discharge.
  9. ESD Grounding & Bench Mounting: ESD grounding and bench mounting products include various items used to create a static-safe work environment. These may include grounding mats, ESD benchtops, grounding cords, and wrist strap testers. These products are essential for establishing proper grounding and minimizing the risk of electrostatic discharge during electronic assembly, testing, and repair tasks. They help to protect sensitive electronic components from static damage.

ESD personnel products are essential in industries where electronic components are handled, such as in electronics manufacturing, repair facilities, and laboratories. Proper use of ESD personnel products can prevent damage to sensitive equipment and components and ensure the safety of workers.