Latex finger cots are protective covers made of latex material that are worn on individual fingers. They are commonly used in various industries and environments to provide a barrier between the fingers and the substances or surfaces being handled. Latex finger cots are typically used to protect fingers from contamination, for added grip, or to prevent the transfer of oils or other substances.

The advantages of Latex Finger Cots

  • Protection : Provide a protective barrier for the finger.
  • Flexibility : They are designed to be flexible and stretchy, allowing for a comfortable fit over the finger.
  • Hygiene : Reduces risk of transferring bacteria or contaminants from the finger to the surrounding area or from the environment to the finger.
  • Ease of use : They can be quickly rolled onto the finger and easily removed when no longer needed, promoting convenience and efficiency in various professional settings.
  • Tactile sensitivity : They are thin enough to allow the wearer to feel and manipulate objects, making them suitable for tasks that require fine motor skills or delicate touch.

ESD Finger Cots are made from natural latex rubber. They are designed to provide comfort and sensitive touch for workers in electronics and healthcare field. ESD Finger Cots conform to the contour of the fingers after donning.

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