Ionizing products are devices and equipment used to generate and release ions into the surrounding environment. Ionization is the process of adding or removing electrons from atoms or molecules, resulting in the formation of charged particles called ions. Ionizing products are commonly used in various industries and applications to neutralize static electricity, reduce electrostatic discharge (ESD), and control static-related issues. Here are some examples of ionizing products:

  1. FFUs (Fan Filter Units): These are air filtration systems consisting of a fan and a filter that are used to remove particles and contaminants from the air in a cleanroom or other controlled environment. FFUs can be mounted in ceilings or walls, and they can be used to create positive or negative pressure environments as needed.
  2. Air showers: These are specialized enclosed spaces designed to blow clean, high-velocity air over workers and equipment before they enter a cleanroom or other controlled environment. Air showers help remove loose particles and debris from clothing and equipment, reducing the risk of contamination.
  3. Ionizing air blowers: These are devices that generate ions that neutralize static charges and remove particles from the air in a cleanroom or other controlled environment. Ionizing air blowers can be used to reduce the risk of ESD (electrostatic discharge) damage to electronic components and to reduce the risk of contamination.
  4. Pass boxes: These are small, enclosed spaces with doors on either side that are used to transfer items into and out of a cleanroom or other controlled environment. Pass boxes are designed to reduce the risk of contamination by limiting the amount of outside air that enters the cleanroom during item transfer.

Using these specialized equipment can help maintain cleanliness and reduce contamination in a controlled environment, ensuring product quality and worker safety.