An ESD mat, also known as an anti-static mat, is a type of mat designed to prevent the buildup of static electricity, which can damage sensitive electronic components or devices. ESD stands for “electrostatic discharge,” which occurs when two objects with different charges come into contact, causing a sudden release of static electricity.

An ESD mat typically has a conductive layer that helps to dissipate any static charges that may be present, along with a non-conductive top layer for added protection. These mats are often used in environments where electronic components are handled or assembled, such as in electronics manufacturing or repair facilities.

ESD mats are available in various sizes and configurations, including rolls, pads, and desktop mats. They are often paired with ESD wrist straps or footwear to provide a complete grounding solution. Proper use of ESD mats and grounding equipment can help to prevent damage to electronic components and ensure the safety of personnel working with sensitive equipment.