ESD foot grounders are typically made with static-dissipative materials that provide a low resistance path to ground, such as conductive rubber or polyurethane. The foot grounder features a conductive strap that is attached to the sole of the shoe and secured around the ankle or calf. The conductive strap is connected to a grounding point to safely discharge static electricity. They are designed to be worn over regular shoes or boots and provide a pathway for static electricity to safely discharge to the ground.

ESD foot grounders are commonly used in electronic manufacturing and assembly environments where workers handle sensitive electronic components. They are designed to ground the wearer, preventing static electricity from building up on the body and preventing electrostatic discharge. ESD foot grounders are an essential component of electrostatic discharge protection in electronic manufacturing environments.

ESD foot grounders should be properly maintained and checked regularly for signs of wear or damage. They should be cleaned regularly using mild detergents and allowed to dry completely before being used again. ESD foot grounders should also be replaced if they become damaged or lose their conductivity.