Cleanroom swabs play a critical role in industries that demand stringent cleanliness standards. They are commonly used in environments such as pharmaceutical manufacturing, electronics assembly, aerospace, medical device production, and more. These industries require contamination control measures to prevent the introduction of foreign particles that could compromise product quality, reliability, or safety.

Different Types of Cleanroom Swabs:

Polyester Swabs
Polyester swabs are widely used due to their excellent chemical resistance and low particle generation properties. They are ideal for applications that involve the removal of solvents, adhesives, or other contaminants.

Foam Swabs
Foam swabs are known for their exceptional absorbency, making them suitable for tasks that require the collection of liquid samples or the application of cleaning agents. They come in various foam materials, including polyurethane and open-cell foam.

Microfiber Swabs
Microfiber swabs are designed to capture and remove submicron-sized particles effectively. They are commonly used in sensitive applications where precision and cleanliness are paramount, such as optics, lenses, and delicate surfaces.