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  • Sticky Mats

  • Sticky Rollers

  • Cleanroom wipes

  • Cleanroom swabs

  • Shoe Cover Dispensers

  • Non-woven Products

  • DCR-Pads / Face Mask

  • Cleanroom Printing Paper / Note Books

Sticky mats, rollers, cleanroom wipes, cleanroom swabs, shoe cover dispensers, non-woven products, DCR-pads/face masks, and cleanroom printing paper/notebooks are specialized products used in cleanroom environments to maintain cleanliness and prevent contamination. Here’s a brief overview of each of these products:

  1. Sticky mats: These are adhesive mats that are placed at the entrance of a cleanroom to remove dirt and debris from shoes and carts before entering the cleanroom.
  2. Sticky rollers: These are adhesive rollers used to remove particles and debris from surfaces and equipment in a cleanroom environment.
  3. Cleanroom wipes: These are specialized wipes made from non-linting materials used to clean and disinfect surfaces and equipment in a cleanroom environment.
  4. Cleanroom swabs: These are specialized swabs made from materials that will not shed fibers or particles. They are used to clean hard-to-reach areas in a cleanroom environment.
  5. Shoe cover dispensers: These are machines used to dispense shoe covers to workers entering a cleanroom, ensuring that no outside contaminants are brought into the room.
  6. Non-woven products: These are specialized products made from non-woven materials, such as face masks, bouffant caps, and gowns. They are used to protect workers and products from contamination in a cleanroom environment.
  7. DCR-pads/face masks: These are specialized products used to protect workers from exposure to hazardous chemicals or particles in a cleanroom environment.
  8. Cleanroom printing paper/notebooks: These are specialized paper and notebooks made from non-shedding materials for use in a cleanroom environment.

Using these specialized products can help maintain cleanliness and prevent contamination in a cleanroom environment, ensuring product quality and worker safety.