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ESD personnel products are specialized equipment designed to protect workers and technicians from electrostatic discharge (ESD) while handling sensitive electronic components. Here are some common examples of ESD personnel products:

  1. ESD wrist straps: These are worn on the wrist and connected to a grounding source, such as an ESD mat or grounding wire, to prevent the buildup of static electricity on the worker’s body.
  2. ESD footwear: These are shoes or boots that have conductive soles or straps that connect to a grounding source, providing a path for static electricity to discharge.
  3. ESD smocks or lab coats: These are specially designed garments that are made from conductive materials and worn over regular clothing to prevent static buildup on the worker’s body.
  4. ESD gloves: These gloves are designed to prevent the transfer of static electricity from the worker’s hands to sensitive components or devices.
  5. ESD heel straps: These are similar to wrist straps, but worn around the heel of the foot and connected to a grounding source.
  6. ESD grounding cords: These are used to connect ESD wrist straps or heel straps to a grounding source, such as an ESD mat or grounding wire.

ESD personnel products are essential in industries where electronic components are handled, such as in electronics manufacturing, repair facilities, and laboratories. Proper use of ESD personnel products can prevent damage to sensitive equipment and components and ensure the safety of workers.