Anti-static gloves (ESD gloves)are made of special anti-static polyester cloth. The base material is composed of polyester and conductive fibers. The gloves have good elasticity and anti-static performance, and can avoid static electricity generated by the human body. It is suitable for wide use in electronics industry, semiconductor, dust-free workshop and daily life.

There are two types of PU carbon fiber anti-static, palm coating and finger coating. Its manufacturing process is to use 80% dust-free nylon yarn and carbon fiber conductive wire through machine weaving. Soak the knitted gloves in a solvent, which is polyurethane resin and methyl rolidone. After soaking, the anti-static gloves are treated in a water bath, and then dried. The drying time is 50 to 60 minutes and temperature is 100 to 110 degrees.

So it offer several advantages:

1.permanently anti-static:

The primary advantage of these gloves is their anti-static properties. They are designed to prevent the buildup and discharge of static electricity, which is important in environments where sensitive electronic equipment is being handled. By wearing these gloves, you can prevent damage to the equipment caused by electrostatic discharge.


These gloves are designed for comfort. They are lightweight and flexible, allowing you to move your fingers and hands freely. They also have a breathable design that allows air to circulate, which helps prevent your hands from becoming sweaty.

3.Good grip:

The PU coating on these gloves provides a good grip, even when handling small or delicate’s flexible to operate after wearing as well as suitable for fine work, and can better improve production efficiency. This can help prevent accidents and improve your overall performance.

4.Reduce business costs

In the anti-static industry, common anti-static gloves are made of polyester cloth and conductive fibers, and the number of washings is controlled. Generally, A-level gloves are about 100 times, and B-level gloves are about 50 times. The replacement frequency is too high and the consumption is large. But PU carbon fiber anti-static gloves have permanently anti-static, easy to absorb sweat, has good air permeability, and is extremely elastic so that can help a company cost-wise.

The surface resistance of the gloves is 10 to the 6-9th power, and the effect of eliminating static electricity on the human body is obvious and lasting. Suitable for weak current, precision instrument assembly, electronics, instrumentation and other industries.

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