Anti-static clothing is a special polyester filament and high-performance conductive fiber woven by a special process of anti-static dust proof fabric, with efficient and durable anti-static dust proof function, can effectively release the body’s accumulated electrostatic charge.

With the development of science and technology, more and more companies are beginning to pay attention to static dust proof and anti-static clothing. In fact, in addition to wearing and using, it is also important to store.

Storage Standards

  1. Store in a dry and ventilated place:Anti-static clothing should be stored in a dry and ventilated place to prevent mildew and deterioration. Stored more than 200mm from the ground and wall, and more than 1m from all heat generating components.
  2. Dont be placed in an overly dry environment:Due to the anti-static clothing material, its interior will absorb moisture, which will lead to the growth of electrical conductivity. Anti-static clothing will degrade in performance over time.
  3. Pay attention to avoid direct sunlight:Choose a suitable place away from the sun or poor air circulation.

Cleaning of anti-static clothing

  1. Anti-static clothing is generally washed with neutral detergent, do not use strong acid and alkali detergent.
  2. When washing, do not mix with other clothing. Use hand wash or washing machine gentle wash program to avoid breakage of conductive fibers.
  3. Washing water temperature should be below 40℃. Rinsing should be done with room temperature water.
  4. Washing time should be as short as possible, but rinsing must be sufficient to remove residual detergent.

Extend the use of anti static clothing

There are no clear regulations and standards for the use time of anti-static work clothes, but you can extend the use time of anti-static work clothes through the following points.

  1. The choice of raw materialsThe reason why anti-static clothing has anti-static function is because it uses conductive fabrics. The most common anti-static fabrics on the market are made of polyester filament embedded in imported conductive silk. The way to distinguish the fabric is to use special instruments for testing.
  2. WorkmanshipProfessional production technology is also the key to determine the service life of anti-static work clothes. For example, if the car line is not neat and the inlay clip is not handled properly, it will crack or other parts will be damaged after wearing for a period of time, resulting in a shorter service life of the anti-static clothing.
  3. Precautions for useBefore wearing anti static clothing into the clean room, check if there are prohibited items in your pockets, such as cigarettes, lighters, tissues, wallets, cell phones, etc.
  4. StorageCompanies will have a separate closet for their employees. The cabinet where the anti-static clothing is stored needs to be very clean, free of foreign objects and dust contamination, and needs to be disinfected regularly to maintain relative temperature and humidity.




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