ESD PCB trolleys, also known as ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) carts or ESD racks, are specialized equipment designed to safely transport and store printed circuit boards (PCBs) and other electronic components in electrostatic protected areas (EPAs). They are commonly used in electronics manufacturing, assembly, and repair facilities.

ESD PCB trolleys are constructed using materials and designs that prevent electrostatic charges from accumulating and damaging the sensitive electronic components. They typically feature the following characteristics:

  1. ESD-Safe Construction: These trolleys are made from materials that have static dissipative or conductive properties, such as metal frames with anti-static powder coating or carbon fiber-reinforced materials. This ensures that any electrostatic charges on the trolley are safely dissipated.
  2. PCB Slots or Trays: ESD trolleys have specially designed slots or trays to securely hold PCBs during transportation and storage. These slots or trays are typically lined with ESD-safe materials, such as conductive foam or dissipative rubber, to provide cushioning and protect against physical damage.
  3. Grounding Features: These trolleys often include grounding features, such as grounding cords or grounding straps, that allow the trolley to be connected to an electrical ground. This helps to ensure that any accumulated electrostatic charges are effectively discharged, minimizing the risk of ESD events.
  4. Mobility and Ergonomics: These trolleys are equipped with wheels or casters for easy mobility within the facility. They are designed with ergonomic considerations, such as adjustable height and tilt features, to facilitate comfortable and efficient handling of PCBs.

ESD PCB trolleys play a crucial role in maintaining a controlled electrostatic environment during the handling and storage of sensitive electronic components. By using these specialized trolleys, companies can reduce the risk of electrostatic discharge and prevent damage to PCBs, which could result in product failures and reliability issues.

It’s important to note that ESD PCB trolleys should be used in conjunction with other ESD control measures, such as ESD-safe workstations, esd mats, and personnel grounding (e.g., wrist straps, heel straps), to ensure comprehensive protection against electrostatic discharge.