The conductive fibers of the ordinary polyester wrist strap will be disconnected during the constant movement of the wrist and the process of taking it off, resulting in the failure of the anti-static function of the wrist strap. Some customers are looking for more comfortable wrist bands with longer service life. So our company has developed an anti-static silicone wristband, which is favored by many customers for its softness, comfortable wearing and excellent anti-static performance.

The anti-static silicone wrist strap is made of soft and elastic silicone material, which consists of an adjustable silicone wrist band, 1MΩ protection resistor, spring cord and alligator clip, with excellent permanent anti-static performance, up to 10e6- 10e9 Ohms.


  1. Soft and comfortable, adjustable wrist strap band.
  • The material is non-toxic and can pass the EU ROHS and REACH test.
  • Through the strict bending test of hanging heavy objects, it is not easy to appear the situation of ordinary polyester wrist strap fiber disconnection, and the service life is very long.
  • service life of normal polyester wrist strap >3months     

   service life of silicon wrist strap >15months    

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