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    Sticky mats, rollers, cleanroom wipes, cleanroom swabs, shoe cover dispensers, non-woven products, DCR-pads/face masks, and cleanroom printing paper/notebooks are specialized products used in cleanroom environments to maintain cleanliness and prevent contamination.

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    FFUs (Fan Filter Units), air showers, ionizing air blowers, and pass boxes are specialized equipment used in cleanrooms and other controlled environments to maintain cleanliness and reduce contamination.

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    ESD chairs, magnifiers, ESD tapes, production tools, ESD stationeries, ESD keyboards & mouse, and ESD dust bins are specialized products used in ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) sensitive environments to prevent ESD damage to sensitive electronic components.

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    SMT stencil rollers, SMT splice tapes, soldering stations, and soldering sponges are specialized products used in electronics manufacturing and repair work.

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    Wrist strap continuous monitors, surface resistance testers, ESD general-purpose testers, and wrist strap footwear testers are specialized products used in ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) control programs.

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    ESD mats are available in various sizes and configurations, including rolls, pads, and desktop mats. They are often paired with ESD wrist straps or footwear to provide a complete grounding solution. Proper use of ESD mats and grounding equipment can help to prevent damage to electronic components and ensure the safety of personnel working with sensitive equipment.

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    ESD personnel products are specialized equipment designed to protect workers and technicians from electrostatic discharge (ESD) while handling sensitive electronic components. ESD Wrist Straps,ESD Gloves,ESD Garments,etc.

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    Safety gloves are specialized gloves designed to protect workers' hands from various hazards in the workplace. Depending on the task and potential hazards, different types of safety gloves may be required.

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    ESD (electrostatic discharge) bags, trolleys, racks, magazine racks, boxes, and cartons are specialized materials designed to protect electronic components, circuit boards, and other sensitive equipment from ESD damage during handling, transport, and storage.